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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Saigon " It's Cold " [ Official Video]


Madvillain " Avalanche/Victory Lap "


Curren$y " Fly Out (Pt. Tres)" ft. Sir Michael Rocks & Tabi Bonney


Consequence " On My Way " ft. KiD CuDi [ Snippet ]


I hate snippets! But I like Consequence. Can't have it all I guess...

Phil Ade " Break me Off " ( Prod. by BrandUn Deshay)


Don't Sleep people!

Freeway " The Concept" (Prod. by Statik Selektah)


Man you can't just putting Freeway on tracks with Statik Selektah and expect the fire marshal to not be in the building. Its a safety precaution for all that FIYA nigguh!

Top 10 of 2010 [Mixtape Edition]: #10 Rapsody - Return of the B-Girl


Please don't put the beats on a brutha cause I didn't give you the #1 spot Rap. You know we peoples baby! Lets talk about someone who dropped a free tape and had close to 10K downloads in a week. Lets talk about a female artist who's got guys giving her tape more spins than Teflon Don. Lets talk about a chick that brought back Rah Digga and put her on a 9th Wonder beat that sampled Ms. Lauryn Hill-- gawd bless her new afro and her sanity, #CommitHer. Rapsody has been chilling under the guidance of the scholar 9thmatic developing her talents on the mic and burst onto the scene this past winter. She's been flooding my Hip Hop TL with constant mentions of how ill her material on the mixtape is and its all truth. Hopefully 2011 will be a huge year for her. We need her. With tracks like Love Tonight, Hoop Dreams, Angels, Win, and Make it after all, she's going to be around for a long time.

Top 10 of 2010 [ Soul Edition ]: #10 Sade - Soldier of Love & #9 Jazmine Sullivan - Love me Back


From mashing windows to smash hits on the radio and back again. Jazmine Sullivan is a very strong new edition to the culture of soul. And she is here to stay. With the recent release of Love me Back and all the positive feedback, there's not way this album could of escaped this list. She came through with the explosively misleading video for 10 Seconds and proceeded blow on every track on her album. Its a shame that she's taking a back seat to music for a while to "find herself". We know who you are Jazmine. You're new Jazz and Soul for the lost of today, who're found due to you. Don't leave us for long. We can't take it!

Sade came out of no where and blessed the air waves with her soulful melodies that brought back the feel of an era long gone. You may have thought you parents didn't buy albums. Well when this dropped, ever person over 30 was in Best Buy thumbing through the Rnb/Rock section looking for this time machine of an album. You would thought Sade won American Idol with the way her name was on the tip of everyone tongue. And my gawd, have you seen how she looks. Bless'r, I'd put a ring on it. Her Soldier of Love video is one of the most memorable this year. Her voice is one of the strongest left. Her presence is harmony and truth packaged in sexy. I'm done! Ya'll can't even front on Sade.

Top 10 of 2010 [Rap Edition]: #10 - Big Remo - Entrapment


I know its people out there like, "Who the fuk is Big Remo".  Man fug-you; he's BIG REMO that's who. Remo ain't platinum status sales wise, but this album is