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Monday, April 25, 2011

ReturnOf4Eva Tour: Big K.R.I.T. Its the ReturnOf4Eva Heaux!


If you can't tell.... Big K.R.I.T. ripped it!  Plain and fucking simple.  He hit the stage and the crowd never stopped moving unless he stopped moving.  Even when he stopped moving, DJ Wally Sparks was on the boards playing some of his music and people were still wilding out.  He did so many tracks in what seemed like a short and long set.  This is how you put on a performance. From Rotation to Children of the World, from Time Machine to Country Shit, it was a mayhem of a show.  He even brought out Raheem DeVaughn for Players Ballad and some panties definitely got wetter than sweat in the building.  He got that real DC love.  I would have to say, the high point of the night was when I realized by the look on Krit's face, that no matter how many times he's done this show, the energy of the crown and the love for something he created never escapes him.  He's just a country boy that makes music.  He's still blown that people love him as much as they do, just because he's being himself.

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ReturnOf4Eva Tour: Big Sant ....Made Enough, then Made ALOT!


Big Sant showed up and showed OUT! He was there for everyone except Freddie Gibbs performance and he never was uninvited by the crowd. You would thought at one point he was the headliner of the night. I actually wish he had enough material on the net waves to have done his own set. But, you got to take what you can get and he gave it all!

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ReturnOf4Eva Tour: Freddie Gibbs, Stage Killa!


Man, I forgot to bring my vest to the show dawg!  I didn't realize just how "real" the Killa Freddie Gibbs is.  This nigga hit the stage with 4 or 5 tall ass goon niggas that was just hyping the crowd up the whole damn performance.  I thought they was gone smack me in the face if the caught me chillin' too hard.  And ofcourse it was hot as hell in that bitch -- I think some thirsty heaux was working the AC unit, namsayin...  So Gibbs did his hood shit for the fans with some of the best on stage display of flow and lyrical talent I've seen from a street MC in a long time.

That dude in the Black n White stripes looks a little TOO happy to see Gibbs.
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ReturnOf4Eva Tour: Smoke Dza...rrrriiiiiggghhhhttttt!


After about five opening acts, a very animated host running on energizer bunny fluids, and this white chick beside me who was dancing to every hip hop song like it was her favorite while being hypnotized by the sudden influence of Lady Gaga and Cher, Smoke DZA hit the stage. And he came out like your Royal Highness. He took the first official hit of the night and then spread the love through the crowd. Needless to say, security didn't see that love in the same generous fashion as the white chick beside me did, and so she was given the boot, and I was left with a smile. STUPID? RrrrrIIIIiiiGGGggHHHHHhhhTTTTTTTTttt!

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ReturnofeEva Tour: DJ Wally "Sparks" on the Boards


S/O to the homey DJ Wally Sparks for getting me on the guest list for this DC show! The show was live as hell, the crowd was soaking sweat by the end and I have sore feet and no voice this morning. That's how you know I had a good damn time.

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ReturnOf4Eva Tour: FSM (Flight School Music) Performance in DC


If you were out at the Returnof4Eva Tour last night, and you saw the opening acts, you saw FSM (Flight School Media). I hope I got this right. I've never heard of these guys before, that's my fault, cause they DESERVE TO BE HEARD! They came out onto the stage with this energy that just took over the crowd. I'm not going to sit and lie, opening acts tend to SUCK! I feel like I've been to enough concerts with bad opening acts to make that presumption, but this group was ill. They had some hard hitting music with this intense energy that filled the room. They also had a very "sexy" singer who belted out beautiful music as the intro to one of their songs. Keep your eyes on these guys, they got something happening over this in Flight School.

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