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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

50 Cent dropping more weight than music!


WTH!! Now, I understand that as a rapper you have to keep up with the trends, but yo, when did 50 Cent get on the Kid Cudi diet. Next thing you know, he gon be in skinny jeans singing about all his depressions while wifing up some bald headed chick from across seas.

Supposedly he lost around 30 lbs and is getting ready for a movie role. He's really taking this acting stuff seriously. Home of the Brave was not a really good film, but his scene was pretty deep. And when he had his mouth wired shut and was mumbling wit that tear streaming down his bullet wound in G.R.O.D.T. i felt his pain. Props Fif, hope you hitting them acting classes after not hitting the kitchen up! Damn, he looks so un-intimidating...

BP = Be Patient

Is it just me, or is BP d*kking around with this oil spill issue. Why with all the technology and know how we have in this day and age do events like this even occur. Given mistakes happen, but even when they do occur, why does it take so long to find a solution. WE'RE NOT DUMB!

Hmm.. maybe I shouldn't have gone as far as to say THAT.

Who is the ArchAndroid?


Who IS the ArchAndroid? Better yet, who in the hell is Cindi Mayweather? Bottom line question, Who Is Janelle Monae?

I've got a terrible fixation..Can't get it off my mind.. Don't really want to know it better...Want to keep it in the realm of fantasy.

Maybe you missed Metropolis: The Chase Suite. Maybe you've fallen victim to the contagiously sickening conclusion that none of these new artists are worth a listen. I've long ago, ditched the radio fourplay for the back alley undground grind scene that still holds more originality than anything your favorite disc junky[jockey] is spinning. And more than often on my travels distant from popularity, I find that diamond in the rough, that's who Janelle Monae IS!

Signed to Badboy label, straight out of Kansas, and exploding onto the seen doing chorus vocals for Outkast, Miss Monae has definitely made a name for herself through net exposure and tours[currently opening for Miss Badu]. To typecast her character and style on wax requires more time than God's given me on this here green earth, so I'll keep it short.

ArchAndroid is more the Ghost of Music's past all perfectly packaged into one hip hop orchestral like sound, never heard by these ears. Her influences are obvious, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Lauryn Hill, Outkast, David Bowie, and Disney[yes, mickey & minnie disney, more Fantasia like though]etc. ArchAndroid makes no attempt to hide the fact that it reaches back in time, but its reaches back with a passion and understanding of how to create new originality.

Don't let the pretty face fool you. Janelle's stage performances are just plain nasty when compared to any other singer I've witnessed. Her energy could fuel the sun for 3 lifetimes, her charisma draws all attention, no eye nor ear relinquished, and her voice could bring peace in war-filled room. With tracks like "Dance or Die", "Faster", "Locked Inside", "Tight Rope", and "Wondaland" you'll be jamming carelessly. If you're more calm and desire a beautiful sound, then "Oh, Maker", "Sir Greendown", "Neon Valley Street", "57821", and "Say You'll Go" will suit your fashion far better than I could describe with words. This album is literally for everyone with music in their hearts and soul. I asked a friend, "Is there any genre she left untouched?', his simple replay was a clear cut "No".

Lauryn Hill @ Rock the Bells??!??!?

Multiple Grammy award-winner Lauryn Hill is slated to appear as a "special guest," though her role in the festival is not entirely specified.

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