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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer #3 | The Avengers Previews

Sold!   I've been sold on this film since I learned that none of the original cast would be returning.  It got that bad for Peter at one point.  Dancing Peter Parker must never return; I don't care how many comics he did it in.  That sh*t is the Batman -Suit-With-Nipples of the whole Marvel Film Franchise.  How can you not appreciate the whole make-up of this film at first glance alone, this being our 3rd...4th if you count the Teaser Trailer.
"You've found my weakness....It's small knives" - Peter Parker
Never have we been introduced to a darker more eerie spider man universe.  A world where a high school kid develops super human spider powers and has to adjust to being one of the most hated heroes of all time.  It seems in this film, Spidey takes all the blame.  Casting Dennis Leary as the main cop out to capture Peter Parker's Alter ego one of the best decisions I've seen in a while for these marvel films.  Casting Emma Stone as the new Mary Jane that's not actually Mary Jane was also genius.  And the best move of all, was having a villain we've all been asking for, The Lizard .  Oh, almost forgot about the Social Network break out star, Andrew Garfield taking on the double role of Peter Parker/ Spider Man.  So much went right here.  How could any of it go wrong.

They've been filming this film for about 18 months now.  Already, a sequel is planned -- who was dumb enough to even question if this would happen.  The story line here is primarily based on the comic series of the same name which was relaunched in 1999.  From the trailer alone, because I'm not a comic book fanboy, the plot of the film centers around Peter Parker trying to figure who his biological father really was.  Ofcourse, there's the regurgitated inner conflict of "Why did this happen to me ...what/who am I".. etc.etc...  That's a given.  Peter meets Dr. Connors who he hopes can help him understand his past and parents.  As you can expect, Dr. Connors has his own motives and ends up becoming The Lizard.  From there, all hell breaks loose and we're all going to be in for one hell of a web-slinging thrill ride.  Every trailer has given the kidd goose bumps.  #DontJudgeMe.

With a witty web crawler, a dark storyline, an unstoppable manically uncontrollable villain, inner turmoil, and a 500 police officer man hunt, Peter Parker really has his hands full this time.

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