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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gossiboo Crew | REVIEW: ‘Rock Of Ages’ Brings The Life Back To The Sunset Strip…Two Thumbs Up!!!


612 Rock of Ages cruise baldwin movie still 1 500x333 REVIEW: Rock Of Ages Brings The Life Back To The Sunset Strip...Two Thumbs Up!!!

Overall 4.0 [Great- Definite Go-See]

I don’t care what anybody says, Rock of Ages was music-spectacular!


Like Jerry McGuireRock of Ages had me at hello with “Paradise City” – it’s a straight up feel good movie and if you’re a fan of some good ole rock and roll then this is the movie for you.
I loved how director Adam Shankman [Hairspray] was able to capture the essence of how the Sunset Strip used to be in Hollywood. Back in the day the strip was filled with rock stars in the making, like Van Halen, Motley Crue, LA Guns, who are just a few of the bands that got their start in the land of dreams and ‘Ages’ captures it.  Shankman was able to translate the movie from stage to film effortlessly and makes you wanna rock. – Flip and read on…

612 rock of ages movie jullianna 5 300x215 REVIEW: Rock Of Ages Brings The Life Back To The Sunset Strip...Two Thumbs Up!!!The movie follows a young girl named Sherrie Christian [played by Julianne Hough whose name is derived from to hit rock ballads of the 80's, “Sister Christian” and “Oh Sherri”] who heads to the land of dreams to make it a as singer, but instead she is taken on a rock and roll journey of rock ballads.
On the eve of Jaxx final performance with his band our heroin, Sherri finds herself outside of the Bourbon Club homage to The Whiskey A Go Go] on the strip. While Sherri is getting mugged, Drew Boley [Diego Boneta] a lead singer trying to get a break, comes to her rescue. The two instantly fall in love after her helps her get a job in the famous rock club that gave Stacey Jaxx his start.
Tom Cruise plays Stacey Jaxx an out-of-control rock god whose ego is bigger than he is, plus he is rarely separated from a bottle of scotch, his groupies and the constant need to bed every woman in his path. Unlike the play, Cruise adds a monkey as his only friend and sidekick which he calls Hey Man. Cruise looks as if he channeled his inner Axl Rose, whose known to be late for every performance and extremely difficult to work with. Although, Cruise took some liberties changing the character a little, it helped him bring Jaxx to life on screen. Though it may not be like the Broadway musical adaptation, Cruise does do Jaxx justice, he has a whimsical charm in the movie that makes you laugh at how clueless he actually is about his rock status.
Another memorable scene in the film is with Malin Akerman who plays Constance Sack, a Rolling Stones magazine reporter who is supposed to interview Jaxx, but get more than she bargained for. Her name alone is pure comedy.
His seedy conniving, and manipulative money hungry manager is played by Paul Giamatti, which I feel was perfectly cast. Giamatti just fits the part perfectly. 612 Rock of Ages jones movie still 2 300x200 REVIEW: Rock Of Ages Brings The Life Back To The Sunset Strip...Two Thumbs Up!!!While Lonnie [Russell Brand] tantalizes the screen as Dennis Dupree’s [Alec Bladwin] club manager who is his right and a bit more. The two have a whacky yet fun onscreen chemistry the plays out perfectly in the film. One of the funniest moments in Ages happens between Dennis and Lonnie who sing, “Can’t Stop this Feeling,” – talk about hilarious. Baldwin singing in the film is reminiscent of Pierce Bronson in Mama Mia, you give him credit for the singing, but at the end of the day he just makes you laugh.
Catherine Zeta-Jones is the over the top wife Patricia Whitmore, who is trying to clean up the strip and rid it of rock music. Oh yeah did I mention Patricia is a scared ex-rock-groupie who slept with Jaxx and then was left high and dry. Can you say bitter table for one? Anyways, Jones sparkles on screen as she belts out Pat Benatar “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” and Twisted Sister “We’re Not Gonna Take It” songs.
The movie is as energetic as Mama Mia and is as fun as Hairspray. I love movies like this, because they take you back to yester year of the birth of the glam rock and rock ballad days of the 80’s. If you can belt out “I Wanna Rock,” or would like someone to “Pour Some Sugar on Me’ then Rock of Ages is the go see musical.
612 Rock of Ages mary movie still 3 300x200 REVIEW: Rock Of Ages Brings The Life Back To The Sunset Strip...Two Thumbs Up!!!

This is what musicals are all about, the journey and the ride which is described by music. Rock of Ages has a great soundtrack and the breakout performance in this film is actually Mary J. Blige, a strip club owner who goes by the name of Justice. She breathes new life into Journey’s “Anyway You Want It.” – Who ever thought that song was a stripper’s song. Justice enters the film when thing go awry for Sherri, who is on her last dime in the rain. Justice takes her in and shows her how to make money as a stripper. Yes it sounds cliché’, but when you think rock stars, they seem to go hand in hand with strippers, kind of like rappers and strippers these days.

Overall the movie is Awesome, and I can’t wait to see it again, but this time around I think I’m gone get my best leopard skin shirt, some zebra striped pants and a long haired wig with a matching Axl Rose bandana and get ready to rock it out with some friends at the movies again.
I hope the re-release Rock of Ages with a sing-a-long version like they did with Mama Mia – I have to admit I went and saw that film several times and sang out loud with the movie. Rock of Ages would be the perfect sing-a-long for rock fans.
Reviewed by GBC

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