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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gossiboocrew | FLICK REVIEW: ‘Rogue River’ Delivers The Goods When It Comes To Disturbing Terror


From the beginning of Rogue River, director Jourdan McClure grabs the attention of the viewer by blood covered and tattered protagonist putting a gun to her head.

The scene quickly cuts to black and all you hear is a gun shot, which sets the pace of the film. Now that the film has set the pace as you step on the roller coaster ride into terror. - Rogue River begins to deliver the goods. The movie starts at the home of Mara's when she says goodbye to her brother Andrew [Chris Coy]. We quickly get to the edge of the Rogue River where Mara played by Michelle Page [Miss Congeniality 2] is just about to pour her fathers urn into the waters and scattering his ashes. Enter an oddly nice older gentleman named Jon, played by Bill Moseley [House of 1000 Corpses, The Tortured, and the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D]. Jon tells Mara that people don't take kind to ashes being dumped in the river, he convinces Mara to leave and walks her back to her car that was obviously towed. . Jon offers her a ride but says he needs to run by his home first, she hesitantly says yes to strange man.

Once they arrive to Jon's home just 45 mile from town and 10 miles from the Rogue River, he invites the nieve Mara in to meet the misses and from that point on you get an uneasy feeling something is about to happen, says the spider to the fly.

Mara meets Jon's terminally ill wife Lea, played by Lucinda Jenney [Rainman and Thelma & Louise] who seems to be just a bit off, insisting Mara to stay the night and have dinner. Things go awry after dinner when Mara tries to pass a plate, but drops it to the floor. She assists in picking up the broken plate when Lea deliberately slices her hand open with a piece of broken glass. It is at that moment when the torture and disturbing events begin. From being watch while sleeping to pissing on the floor and having scalding hot water poured down her throat, Mara falls victim to a 24 hour period of complete terror. Rogue River is one of the more disturbing direct to DVD films to hit your local video store, if they still exist? However, if you're a fan of horror film then this movie is a must see - it has plenty of dark hall ways, quit and lonely moments, blood, bodies and bondage. The movie has a shocking twist that will truly gross you out when you watch Rogue River. It makes you think twice about traveling alone and trying to have a moment of peace to ones self. Instead finding terror, fear and mayhem. Rogue River is a no hold bar type of film - it goes there with twisted images and gruesome moments of pure torture and mental abuse. The film is disturbing on many levels, but for you fans who like to be scared - this is a movie to watch. Rogue River is one of those films that leave you on the edge of disturbing! We give Rogue River a C+ Review written by Peter Ricci
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