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Monday, October 17, 2011

Why Blacks Should be Skeptical of Blacks Who Are Skeptical of Obama's Tough Love

I was reading an article this morning on called Why Blacks Should Be Skeptical of Obama's Tough Love. This is my response to that article. I decided to title it "Why Blacks Should be Skeptical of Blacks Who Are Skeptical of Obama's Tough Love". Yes, I know its long and ridiculous, just like this article. I'm tired of reading things like this. I'm tired of Blacks expecting Obama to put on his marching shoes and protest for Black Equality & Rights. How about YOU PUT ON YOUR SHOES and protest for equality. People want Obama to protest for more jobs. How about you protest for more Jobs. Is Obama a corporation, an entrepreneur, a doctor, a business man, an activist, a teacher, or THE FUCKING PRESIDENT OF ALL THE USA AND NOT JUST THE BLACK USA? No president has cared enough to tell black people to get up and be greater because you can. Instead, they've tried to win over the Black community with false promises that don't even last a full term. Once Clinton was out, he was out! You niggas don't matter to him anymore. When Obama is out, guess what, he will STILL be a Black man.

Here are a few quotes from the article, with my PHENOMical response to them...

"...if this had been a Republican such Perry or a Romney, speaking to prospective Black voters to “stop grumbling and complaining” folks would have been pissed. But because this is the first Black president, his fiery rhetoric, which lacked any substantial information on just how his policies will benefit African-American specifically"

TIMEOUT! As @TwanBurgandy would say "Stop right there!" Okay, see...this is exactly what I'm talking about. Black privilege does NOT exist people. As of 2011 the population of people in the U.S. is 312,394,000. SON! Did you read that? That means Obama has 312.4 MILLION people on his mind. 312.4 MILLION people for whom he has to make the best decisions plausible, not possible, but plausible (look it up). 38,930,000 of those are Blacks. That's 12.6% of the population. NIGGA! That's out of 100%...not 20%...not 30%.. this ain't a scale from 1 - 15. Obama has 87.4% of the rest of nation's population to worry about. But because he is Black, he is suppose to create policies that will "specifically benefit" your 12.6% of 100% of everyone here, black ass. This is what's wrong with the Democratic or liberal mental now. Majority rules dude. Let's focus on the fucked up parts of the big picture first, before we get all "specific".   Just a reminder, poverty is 15.1% of the population.  That's not the "I wish we could afford college but your dad got laid off so you should protest on OccupyWallStreet poverty".  No, no, no, this is the "we get a lot of R&R where we sleep, rats and roaches.  We may not have a home tomorrow.  Sleeping in the streets is live a vacation from comfort for us that we experience way too often", poverty. 

"Obama spoke at a mostly African American town-hall meeting in Georgia, not about his plans to help fix to poor condition of urban schools, but about the need for black youth to dismiss rapping and hoop dreams and instead aspire for high school diplomas.  His infamous Father’s Day speech in front of a predominantly black audience at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, Obama took the time to not celebrate fatherhood but to decry absentee Black fathers and mocked the celebration around so-called minor educational accomplishments such as the 8th grade.  And in a stomping speech, in Texas, Obama used his bully pulpit again, to not discuss food insecurity in the black community, but to chastise Black parents by saying that they “need to shape up, turn off the TV, help their kids with their homework and stop letting them grow fat eating Popeye’s chicken for breakfast.”
Negro, ARE YOU SERIOUS!... Son, my head hurts.  He didn't speak on his "plans" to fix poor condition of urban no no, he told black youth to first take pride in their own education and stop depending on the shit they see on tv and in the streets.  Well there you have it.  Obama is obviously the fucking devil.  I can't believe he expects niggas to actually want to better themselves.  HE NEEDS TO MAKE A PLAN FOR US TO BETTER OURSELVES SO WE CAN JUST FOLLOW THAT BLUEPRINT THAT WORKS FOR EVERY UBRAN YOUTH IN EVERY BLACK COMMUNITY OF THE 12.6% OF BLACKS IN THE NATION ON THE 100% SCALE.  If you don't see everything I just did in that statement, please, just unfollow me @PhenomBlak.  Much Appreciated.  Further more, a top his towering bully pulpit (cause Obama is such a fucking bully to us black folk.. all 12.6% of us) instead of patting fat blacks on the back and making them feel okay about their "food insecurities" he told us to hit the gym, cut the carbs, increase the fiber, put down the greasy shit, and pick up something green that you can grow and eat from the earth in good faith.  Yall, fools done lost  yo damn mind.  Why do Blacks always want someone to build them up and hold their hand.  Yes, that was a horribly untrue generalization about Blacks, but the fact of the matter is one bad apple, spoils the whole bunch.  This article is that ONE BAD APPLE.

 "When the group of black students from Howard University marched last week and protested outside of the White House, some resulting in arrest in the name of Troy Davis, I didn’t see Obama, or anyone from his Administration, coming out to greet and speak with them."
Oh well I can understand this.  GRRRRRRRREAT POINT!.....Tony.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with going out and greeting a ??mob??....a group of protestors who are ??angry??...unsettled by the actions of ??President Obama?? bad...the Governor of Georgia and the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles.  Obviously, Obama could have just made a call to Georgia and been like "Yo what up Gee Aye!  Check it!  That Troy Davis dude, I don't think he did it man.  I'm a need yall to 3 way up GSB-Double-PP on the line and have them free that black man back into the 12.6% where he belongs."  I'm a little mad Obama didn't do that too, I know Bush would have done it.  Well, if not, then Clinton would have definitely done it had Troy Davis been on in prison during his presidency.  And even then, if not Clinton, Bush Senior would have done it.  So I'm saying, obvioulsy Obama is the only person who could have fixed this.  And even if he couldn't fix it, he could have atleast shook the hands of the protestors.  Next time you have an angry protestor infront of you, just shake their hand.  That'll make it all better.

I'm sorry yall, I can't go on.  You're going to have to go read the rest of this for youself.  I'm just flabbergasted by this whole damn article.  Do better Atlanta Post!



Javann said...

Impressive article. Good commentary.

Big Simba said...

Thank you for taking the time to read it. I tried not to be as much of an asshole as usual, but this article really irked my nerves.

MissMoG87 said...

Thank you!! This needed to be said!