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Monday, November 14, 2011

NinjaFaWhy: Sucka Gets Punched and Offers a Handshake [VIDEO]

This video is just...smh. Watch the video first then read how I feel about it and the COMMENTS that came along with it. Racism is so gone.........riiigghhhhhtttt *dza voice*

 "Man exits turnstile, pushed kid out the way, kid said 'What the hell,' man returns, states "I'm waiting,' the kid gives him a beat down. If you want to push and talk crap, you should back it up."

Okay. You've see the video that displaces two things, niggradumb and assholic-gesturing.


Niggradumb - noun. The act of displaying the n*gga in oneself through any form of social interaction. Engaging confrontational situation illogically and for the sole purpose of satisfying one's blago (black ego).

Assholic - adj. The inability to control being an asshole, especially in a quarrel or conflicting interaction with another orgasnism. Having the urge to dig one's self deeper into a situation that required little to no effort for mitigation.

Now that we've gotten those out of the way.

There's nothing FAKE about this video.   It's real.  It's real from the point of "I'm waiting" all the way up-to and through the "I'll f*ck you up again"!  Also, this IS NOT A SUCKER PUNCHThe dude in black (the black guy) was
 displaying niggradumb. The gentlemen who can't feel his face today was displaying assholic gesturing. Why is this, you ask. Well, the kid should have just walked away (that is, if this wasn't staged). This has to be one of the easiest ways for a white man to put a black man in jail. That kid has no reason to punch him. Even if the guy was asking for it. If he had asked the kid to shoot em, should the kid have done it? What did punching a dude asking to be punched in the face on camera prove? It proved that he was assaulted. And this was in NY, the state of "Anything a n*gga does is pretty much chargeable". That is if you watch the news. But lets lay off the brother and focus on Dick Van Dyke for a second. YOU GOT WAT YOU ASKED FOR BRUH! I hope you try to sue this young man and the judge goes, "but Sir, you requested said ass whooping that we are watching....and enjoying at the moment." My mother use to tell me, "Kill em with kindness." This is not that, at all. He's provoking that kid, in public, just as much as the guy holding the camera is.  By the way, the guy holding the camera says "Exactly..Exactly".  And he's right.  The white man got exactly what he asked for, but didn't expect.  See, if you're going to stick your chest out, be ready to get your face caved in.  That's life, asshole!

And now for the comments about the incident.  These people need their faces caved in as well... You all deserve a very tall MIDDLE FINGER!

Red Ryder <--- FOH!
Fucking savages. NYC is a fucking shithole filled with garbage people. I hope these people are mourning the deaths of their mothers right now. I say "mothers," because they clearly have no fathers.

virgilstarkwell  <--- FOH!
i wish there was a cop there - then the story would read: 'piece of human garbage accidentally falls on tracks and gets run over by the r train'.

Max Bruner <--- FOH!
$10 says saggy pants is dead or in jail within five years. I'd say the same for Bruno Mars, but I think he's learned his lesson.


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