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Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 10 of 2010 [ Soul Edition]: #8 Diddy-Dirty Money - Last Train to Paris


Yes we did do an E.A.R.S (Eargasm Album Reviews) of this. So there's really no reason to go into detail of how I feel about it. Lets just say, there are alot more thing right than wrong with this album. Diddy-Dirty Money as a group name is definitely one of the WRONG things. But the two girls sound great. The electrified sounds and upbeat tempo of the tracks really separate this album from any other album that dropped this year. The features are even good. Diddy is a hell of a producer but he's a shitty hell of a rapper. So. The #8 Spot is definitely deserved. We did give this album a Purchase rating.

Top 10 of 2010 [Mixtape Edition]: #9 Phil Ade - The Letterman & #8 Dee Goodz - Floetic Justice

@philade301. ; @dgoodz.

@A3C was an awesome event that introduced the 40 Acres Boyz to a whole new scene in the the hip hop world.  From that I had a chance to meet Dee Goodz.  One of the illest up and coming emcees that blessed this event with his music.  Dee Goodz has this laid back, early hip hop type feel and he's straight outta Nashville.  He's been touring and mixing and gets it in on 2Dopeboyz with every new drop so obviously he's doing ALOT of stuff right.  I was instantly floored when a mutual friend sent me a video of his song "The Ghetto".  Its one of my top 10 tracks of 2010-- list coming soon!  The mixtape opens up with "Gotta have it", and moves onto tracks like No Use, Anthem, Dear Destiny, Welcome to Hell, and Only the Strong Survive.  This kid has a bright ass future.

Can I get a muthafuggin' late pass!  I been hearing about Phil Ade.  I think I've even been in the same room or area as Phil Ade and did not know who this kat was.  We probably shop at the same dayum Safeway since I use to live in Silver Spring, MD.  So I finally sat down, after, drumming up my 2010 mixtape list and realized that this DMV native needed to be on the list more than another DMV native's popular mixtape about something-- you know who I'm talking about.  The Letterman is hosted by Don Cannon and just oozes with lyricism over soul hooks and deep intricate beats.  Phil Ade kinda sounds like a mix of B.o.B and Wale and I think that's a an awesome thing because at the same time, he doesn't sound like either one of them with he gets into his element and drops some of the illest bars I've tweeted, check my TL, this year.  Yea, we want an interview with this dude and we will make it happen!

Baatin " Miss Brasil " (Prod. Mainframe) #lookatdatass


If you can't tell why I REALLY posted this new song from Baatin. Then this may be the wrong site for you. #lookatdatass

Kanye West & Jayz " Watch The Throne " Album Cover Artwork


Freeway " Get Ready " ft. Meek Mill


Noreaga " Sun Tzu (Snippet) " ft. French Montana & Joell Ortiz


Joell Ortiz " Fire Flame Freestyle "

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