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Thursday, March 8, 2012

MTV's Battle of the Exes Cast Defends Emily's Nutella Face | "It's Nutella Face NOT BlackFace"..

And Now... A Brief Moment in Tomfuckery

I know a lot of my followers don't watch MTV's The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes, but I do, every season. I watch the fuckery that goes on throughout each season with a disjointedly evil ass smile on my face. I feel no shame about this. May the Lord have mercy on my soul.

I haven't been keeping up lately, and probably for good damn reason. This past episode displayed the type of ignorance that does NOT deserve a pass. Here's the short of it.

Ty and Emily (yes Emily could get the dack)

Ty and Emily are exes from the DC Real World season. They don't like each other PBP. Ty has developed an infatuation with a member of another team named Paula. She's old and he's a dumbass. Emily, live everyone else in the house, got annoyed and decided to make fun of them.

Emily & Camila in Character

Her and Camila decided to do caricatures of Ty and Paula. Emily smeared NUTELLA all over her crusty ass face while Camilla used white powder to "make her whiter???". Either way, Emily then puts on Ty's clothes and parades around the house mocking him. THIS IS BLACKFACE! This is the f*cking DEFINITION OF BLACKFACE!

Look at this shit!  Now everyone was up in arms when Billy Crystal aired a clip from a fake Sammy Davis Jr. impersonation he did.  The difference is he was playing a role, in a professional show.  He is a trained actor and comedian.  I don't know the context of the role but it seemed like he was kind of paying homage to a legend.  That's my opinion and I could be wrong.  But this shit EMILY DID is all types of fuckery or nutellery or whatever you want to dub it.  She drunkenly took a food product and smeared it all over her face.  There was nothing geniune about this.  It was 100% mockery and it was malicious.  She doesn't like Ty and she has a grudge against Paula, but somehow this was just a light hearted comical gesture?  BITCH PLEASE.  Get that ignorant shit out of here.  Even the people in the house were offended...or were they? 

Below are two video clips. 

This 1st video is of Aneesa (black female), CT (white male), and Jonny (douchebag), conversing about the incident and making light of it.

4:26 Mark Nutella Face vs Blackface Discussion

This 2nd video is of Emily and Ty talking about the incident in the After Show.
Emily Apologizes for Doing Nutella Face

Man. Fuck both these videos.

The first video is just some sheepish bull shit on Aneesa's part and some douchebaggery at it's finest on CT and Johnny's part. Aneesa quickly plays the "I'm not an angry black like Ty" role by saying that "it's NutellaFace not Blackface". I guess she thinks that using food products to mock a race is not racist or wrong or a "big deal". CT plays the "I don't speak on stuff like this but I'll speak anyway" role. He believes that Emily deserves a pass because she was drunk. Oh, ok. So I guess if I smeared curry sauce all over my face and walked up to some Indian folk yelling Durka Derpa Durka Derpa, it can't be consider racist if I have a BAC of .08. GTFOH!!! If someone where to spit on him while they were drunk, given his pats roid rage incidents, I'm sure he would simply turn the other cheek, so that side could be spat on too. Then there is Johnny. Did I forget to say that this guy is a coniving douchebag asshole. He claims that the only person who made a big deal of the Nutella Face was Ty ;remember, he's the one being mocked. Not only does he fault Ty for being the only person offended, he believes that Ty wasn't really offended over the Nutella Face, but instead over Emily making fun of him --WITH NUTELLA FACE-- and using the "blackface" argument in his favor. *facepalm* All 3 of these dumbasses need to go have a fucking seat.

The Second video only annoys me because Ty is the victim and Ty is a dumbass, so Ty doesn't question Emily's actions with common sense at all. On the otherhand, Emily came prepared to throw a pity party in her favor. Her main ,frankly only, excuse for this disgusting act is "my ignorance". By that she means that because she was raised in a very religious cult-like family, she knows about racism, but doesn't know that BLACKFACE is racist. Let me get this straight. In 2012, you don't know that Blackface is racist? You don't know that painting your face to look like another races just to antagonize and mock them is offensive? But you knew what MTV and the Real World was 2-3 years ago when you auditioned to be a cast member. You lived in DC for like 4 months. YOU ONLY DATE BLACK GUYS. Even after all of that, you had no idea that Blackface was offensive? I just want to know what type of strictly religious upbringing affords you the opportunity to take a vacation to the fornacation land that is MTV's Real World. Lying ass.

I know you have to pick and choose your battles. But people can't seem to pick and choose when to verbally chin-check a person and when not. Do I think Emily is sincerely apologetic, yes. I'll just let you decide WHY her being a media figure could be the reasoning for her begging for empathy. $$$$


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