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Monday, April 23, 2012

Consequence Freestyles, Talks Kanye, And Claims He's The Best Rapper On The Planet [VIDEO]


This man has to stop getting infront of the cameras for a while. I mean like, a few years and sh*t. This is just becoming tiring. Consequence started a lot of unnecessary and uber-ridiculous controversy online that got hurt his reputation. It definitely wasn't worth the hype and PR because it didn't help his mixtape downloads. Sense then, he's been a bit more humble and bit more SILENT. Right up until now. And I'm not even sure if he's being interviewed, as in, I'm not sure if there's another person in the room actually questioning him. SMMFH. First off, The Freestyle. It was good. Them fronts ain't helping his delivery but for it to be off the dome, it was good. That Works. What doesn't work is him following it up with,
In my own words. I would probably have to say that Consequence is arguably the best rapper on the planet...No LOL..Naw
Ok, let's look at this statement. "In my own words", you damn skippy jack, because those sure aren't anyone elses words. You can arguably say anything, that just makes it an argument. Now, whether it's a valid argument is a completely different monster. As a fan (of the music, not the man), in my own words, I can comfortably say that you're not arguably in the top 20 of the best rappers on the planet. I can name ten rappers, old and new, off the top that are better at rapping as a whole than you are. But that's just "in my own words". Let's Move on.
Consistently delivering time after time, so many classics, so many collaborations...
Dude, I'm lost. You officialy have two lps but you've been on the rap scene, legitimately, since 96'. That's a New-Released-Album-Every-8-Years average. According to Wikipedia, you didn't even drop the first album until 07', but fans know that's a lie. You dropped yo first "real" lp on 04', Take Em To The Cleaners, that's how good it was. Where is the consistency in that? Nas has a better album release schedule than you. What classics are you refering too? "Don't Forget Em"? "The Good The Bad The Ugly"? Are you refering to other people's songs that you may have had a hand in, but no one name dropped you when talking about those projects? I'm lost sir.

Serious question? Do you really have a "hit record"?

You may think you have a classic album. Hell, I think the album was pure dope. Classic is pushing it though.

All of this is just my take on the interview. The Bey question is where I checked out. The initial question was "What was it like working with Bey" and Cons flipped it to "What was it like working on that Bey track". Which leads me to believe he didn't actually work with Bey, which I guess is understandable, I mean, it's Bey. You're definitely still salty. And I thought you and Kanye squashed the beef. Siggghhhhhh.. #ImOut

Check out the rest of the interview and let @WM40A know what you think about it.

Do you think Consequence has a classic album?
Do you think he has the ability to manage other artists under his new label, Band Camp Records?
Do you think this my write is just way took negative and I need to get off the rag and give Cons a break?


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