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Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Music: Nas ft. Rick Ross - Accident Murderers (Prod. by No I.D.), off Life Is Good LP Dropping July 17th


I'm going to let this simmer for a bit and then I'll be back to speak on it....AWGH!  Did Rick Ross really plug his own album tho? 

Overrall, the song is a dope and it's definitely a keeper, thanks to No I.D., Rick Ross, and Nas's 3rd verse.

Did Rick Ross Show Up, Show Out, or Show Off?

Ross's flow is immaculate. He comes in riding the beat like new box to no avail. There is not one flaw in his delivery. I'm actually starting to think he may have hit the gym just to kill this verse proper-like. Dropping weight to drop bars on a Nas song. I would have loved to hear how Rick Ross would have attacked this song solo. Not only does his killed his verse with the whole Big Gangsters with bad b*tches, cars, easy prison time, street threats, and cigars, but he manages to plug his album and squeeze in the Maybach Music chicks...SWEET!

Does Nas and Life Still Sound Good?

For the most part, Nas won.  His 3rd verse is platinum status.  Great Message.  It's Message Season for Nasir. 

My only hold up is the 1st verse.  The track starts out with Nas giving us the story of an "accidental" shooting. The verse sounds a bit off-beat, the flow is rocky, and the story is rushed. On top of that, the characters become a bit convoluted through this 3rd person view.  At first the killer is after a specific target, whom he "misses by inches" but ends up shooting 3 of the target's aquaintances.  Well, it just so happens that one of the aquaintances is actually an associate of the shooter.  He basically shot 3 people, but only killed one person and that person was someone he was cool with or so he says.  Mind you, he never killed the "target", hence the title, Accident Murderers. Here on out, this is where the focus of the conversation being had gets confusing. I honestly was lost.

OK. This is why I can't get down with Nas sometimes.  I was so confused. I listened to this song about 30x just because of the first verse. Everything makes sense until the Killer starts going into the detail about either his conflict with the missed target or the possibility of a conflict with the victim.  Basically, Nas is clarifying why The Killer had beef with the target OR Nas is using the kid's voice to show us how he justifies killing the victim. The latter of the two makes more sense given the chorus and the title.  But because the story is rushed, parts don't seem to add up. 

In one instance, we're told that the victim is "reclusive", but then we're told "he got that look like he always about to do sh*t".  We're told someone, probably the victim, got into it with "dude (the killer?) who tryna live out his wild out days".  I'm going to take one for the team and assume "Dude" is the killer and he got into it with the victim.  Then we're told they never had beef but some how got at each other.  From this Nas concludes that "these two personalities had to collide".  So to sum up all of this confusion, I'll say that The Killer shot the Victim, with whom he had a slight altercation.  Based off of this, The Killer is justifying the murder as revenge for said altercation even though that victim was not the target, but he must have been a "future target" since he was there in the first place?

Wow, that took a lot.  I honestly wish Nas had taken more time to go into depth on this subject.  He's great with imagery and story detail.  It's not something you hear about often, Accident Murderers.  People who act like they meant to kill a person they had no real intention to kill, but then flip it and convince people they're a cold blooded killer to be feared.  Either way, the song is dope and Life Is Good sounds good so far. 

Am I slow or was the 1st verse just as confusing for you guys?

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